alexandra blum

Home - 2020 

I regularly draw looking out of my window at home. Each drawing is made over several weeks and contains many moments in time.  I would like the drawings to record both the enduring and fleeting characteristics of the view from my window, the characteristics which combine to create the particular spatial familiarity I recognise as 'home'.

This aspect of my practice is intensifying during the COVID-19 pandemic and each of the four drawings posted here  are a response to my consequently altered awareness of the boundaries between interior and exterior space.  They are also informed by my exploration of the Early Netherlandish  painter Robert Campin, in particular the compressed space and multiple viewpoints within his domestic interiors.  

News: Visit the Summer Exhibition  at the Royal Academy 6 October  2020 - 3 January 2021 to see Cul de Sac, another drawing in this series. 

Home I

Home II


Home III

Home IV
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